2021: A Year in Review

The beginning of 2021 found us in Bozeman, Montana, dealing with the first real winter we’ve experienced since we moved from Wisconsin to Southern California in 2011. Thanks to Covid, we decided to spend the winter in our condo that we purchased in July of 2020, instead of heading to warmer climes. Bozeman is as equally as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer, but after almost six months of cold and snow, we were ready to adventure again.

Our very first night back in the Airstream for the year was May 15th. We spent two nights at a nearby campground to get the rig de-winterized and to make sure everything was still functional after its long winter sleep. Besides needing to replace the propane tank hoses, all systems were a go! It was during this first outing that we started a new tradition we refer to as #CampfireSweatshirtSeries. Here’s a sneak peak, but I’ll share more about that later:

Without further ado, our year in numbers:


States Visited: 5 | Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and California – We weren’t able to add any new states to our Airstream travel map this year, so our total sits at 20. (And that’s where it will stay, but more on that later.)

Montana | Glacier National Park
Wyoming | Grand Teton National Park
Idaho | Craters of the Moon National Monument
Oregon | Silver Falls State Park – Sublimity, OR
California | Sue-Meg State Park – Trinidad, CA

Miles Traveled: 3,410 | We opted to stay mostly close to home this year and it really made for an enjoyable spring, summer, and fall to not be putting too many miles on.

Gallatin Gateway, MT | May 23

Nights on the Road: 100 | I’m actually pretty happy with this number, seeing as we spent almost the entire first half of the year in our condo.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park – Castro Valley, CA | November 15

Different Overnight Locations: 24 | We had a good mix of site types this year, with a fifth of our nights being spent in national park campgrounds; a healthy blend of city, county, & regional parks; four state parks, all in Oregon; a sprinkle of casino, Harvest Host, & fairgrounds stays; two different KOAs; and the remaining nights being spent in private RV parks/campgrounds.

Millsite Park RV Park – Myrtle Creek, OR | November 5 – 6
Emigrant Springs State Park – Meacham, OR | September 30 – October 2
Azalea Glen RV Park – Trinidad, CA | November 11 – 13

Total Site Fees: $4017.79 | That number is a combination of nightly/weekly/monthly rates, tax, reservation fees, and electricity. It comes out to an average of $42.72/night, which is much higher than we like to spend. However, our not-too-ridiculously-priced place where we usually spend the winter in San Diego County was closed for maintenance and the also-not-too-spendy backup wasn’t available when we first arrived, so we had to settle for one of the holy-crap-this-is-stupid-money RV parks for the last month and a half of the year.

Cheapest Site – $0.00 | Harvest Hosts at Milano Family Winery in Hopland, CA — November 13
Most Expensive Site – $86.15 | West Glacier KOA — July 12 – 15

National Park Service Sites: 6 (Officially) | We revisited a few of our favorite national parks – Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier and Redwood. We also added a new one in Pinnacles. We visited Crater of the Moon National Monument as well, and minus Redwood, our 20 nights in national parks campgrounds were spread across those 5 parks. We also made it to see the Golden Gate Bridge, but didn’t officially cross the bay to Golden Gate National Recreation Area. And one of our favorite places to visit this year was the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which is actually managed by the U.S. Forest Service as opposed to the National Park Service.

Grand Teton National Park (Stayed at Colter Bay Campground) | May 24 – June 4
Yellowstone National Park (Stayed at Mammoth Campground) | June 29 – July 2
Glacier National Park (Stayed at Fish Creek Campground) | July 8 – 12
Redwood National and State Parks (Stayed at Azalea Glen RV Park) | November 11 – 13
Pinnacles National Park (Stayed at Pinnacles Campground) | November 18 – 19
Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve (Stayed at Lava Flow Campground) | October 27 – 28
Golden Gate Bridge (Stayed at Anthony Chabot Regional Park) | November 14 – 18
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (Stayed at Ainsworth State Park) | October 2 – 4

You can find information about all of the places we’ve stayed and traveled to in previous blog posts.

You can find wrap ups for previous years here: 2018, 2019, and 2020.

As I mentioned earlier, we started a new thing we refer to as the #CampfireSweatshirtSeries. For some reason, we decided to start taking campfire photos at every place we stayed (with a fire pit) while I sported a ‘Campfire Sweatshirt’. Are we weird? Yes. Do these pics bring me joy when I look back at them? Also yes. We have never shared these publicly before, so enjoy!

Cheers to us! at Colter Bay Campground | Grand Teton NP – May 28
Taking in the sights at Mammoth Campground | Yellowstone NP – July 2 (It was too hot for an actual fire.)
Bucks game at Fish Creek Campground | Glacier NP – July 8 (It was still too hot for an actual fire.)
#instahusband at West Glacier KOA | Coram, MT – July 13
Scrabbling at Emigrant Springs State Park | Meacham, OR – September 30
Fireside tea time at Ainsworth State Park | Corbett, OR – October 3
High five for starting a fire in what is essentially a rain forest! at Silver Falls State Park | Sublimity, OR – November 3
“There’s no one else I’d want to live in a 200sqft aluminum can with” at Harris Beach State Park | Brookings, OR – November 7
Caution: Hot at Anthony Chabot Regional Park | Castro Valley, CA – November 15
Our 20th national park at Pinnacles Campground | Pinnacles NP – November 18

We also did a Phase 2 of modifications at Ultimate Airstreams. You can read all about that here, but here are a few pics of what we had done:

We replaced the rounded sink and cabinet with a straight cabinet with new square sink.
This gave us much more room, especially in the area between the sink and the desk.
This of course required a new countertop, so we chose Corian’s rice paper color.
We also replaced the old Atwood stove/oven with a the new Furrion model. We love its look AND functionality!

On the personal front, we got on a plane in July for the first time in a long time to fly to Wisconsin to visit and spend time with family. We explored a lot of things we never got around to while living there, such as:

Lambeau Field Tour and Packers Hall of Fame – Green Bay | We’ve been to plenty of games and we’re even Packers shareholders, but Travis hadn’t done the tour since he was a kid and I had never done it, and neither of us had ever been to the Hall of Fame.

Harley Davidson Museum – Milwaukee | The museum is pretty great and has an onsite restaurant.

Lakeshore State Park – Milwaukee | This is a smaller, urban state park, but is nice for a walk along Lake Michigan.

While in Milwaukee, we were also able to catch the traveling Beyond Van Gogh exhibit…

…and check out Fiserv Forum a few hours before the Bucks won the championship!

Summer in Wisconsin can be pretty great!

We also flew to San Diego in September for our friends’ wedding. This trip actually felt like the kind of vacation we would take pre-Airstream life…

Speaking of pre-Airstream life…

While we didn’t put on a lot of miles this year and most of the places we spent the bulk of our time we had been to before, we really enjoyed our travels this year. However, towards the end of the year we officially decided to do something that we’ve been discussing for a looooong time — we’re selling the Airstream. There are many reasons that go into this decision and I’ll share them at some point, but for now, you can find more information regarding our rig at the blog post here, the RV Trader link here, the Airstream Marketplace link here, or the Airstream Hunter link here. If you are interested, please reach out. If you know someone who may be interested, please pass along our info.


The End of an Era: We’re Selling the Airstream

UPDATE: Sold 1/7/2022

We’ve made the difficult decision to sell our Airstream. Why, you may ask? While it has taken us around the Western United States and into Canada to places we would have never otherwise considered visiting; from mountains to deserts to lakes to oceans to rivers to beaches to forests; from cities to small towns to ‘where the heck are we?‘; allowing us to visit family and friends and to meet new people along the way; and to explore amazing state parks and national parks, as well as myriad of points in between — we’re ready to give our new city of Bozeman the attention it deserves as well as to start traveling a different way.

We bought our Airstream in July 2017 and started traveling full time in January 2018. We traveled freely for two and a half glorious years, but when the pandemic hit, we decided to get off the road for a bit. We purchased a condo in Bozeman, Montana last summer, and have really started to fall in love with our new city. We’ve continued to travel in the Airstream since purchasing our sticks and bricks home, but it has felt different than when we first started. Ultimately, we’ve decided that we’d rather have someone else be able to enjoy the Airstream life in the amazing adventure mobile we’ve created, but our time on the road is done. At least for now.

So, without further ado, here’s the info you’ve come here for:

FOR SALE: 2017 Airstream 27FB International Signature – $99,950

We have modified this unit to be the perfect Airstream for today’s digital nomad! Whether you travel a few weeks a year, a couple weekends a month, or on a full-time basis, you’ll find that working, traveling, and living in this modified 2017 27FB International Signature will be both comfortable and functional. We removed all of the factory seating and replaced it with a comfortable couch (a real couch!) as well as a desk that gives you plenty of work space. We swapped out the round, bumped out kitchen sink and cabinet to a straight cabinet to increase the valuable floor space without taking away any precious storage space. We’ve outfitted the unit with solar and lithium batteries that will allow you to live and work off-grid pretty much indefinitely. To make sure you have a cell signal in some of the more remote areas, we’ve installed a WeBoost cell signal booster. And in order to assure a good night’s sleep, we installed the Froli sleep system for great support and air flow as well as recently upgraded the stock mattresses with custom mattresses. The 27 layout with twin beds is known to be one of the most spacious Airstream layouts when it comes to storage, both inside and out. We’re including everything you need to hitch up and hit the road immediately, including the anti-sway/weight distributing hitch, hitch lock, surge protector, and tire pressure monitoring system!

Answers to questions we’ve been asked:

Clear title. We have been the only owners and purchased it outright, so the title is free and clear.

We tow with an F-150 3.5L Ecoboost.

The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 7600lbs.

Currently located in Escondido, California (San Diego County).


Exterior Specifications
  • Height: 9’ 9”
  • Width: 8’ 5.5”
  • Length: 28’


From the Factory
  • 30amp Service
  • 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 15,000 BTU Ducted A/C with Heat Pump
  • 25,000 BTU Furnace
  • 6 Gallon LP/Electric Water Heater
  • 39 Gallon Freshwater Tank
  • 39 Gallon Blackwater Tank
  • 37 Gallon Greywater Tank
  • Two 30 Gallon Steel LPG Bottles w/ Aluminum Cover
  • Electric Jack
  • 7 Cu Ft 2-Way Auto Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Separate Bathroom and Shower
  • 2 Fantastic Fans – Exhaust w/ Rain Sensor
  • 2 Samsung LED HDTVs w/ HDMI
  • FM/AM Radio w/ CD Player, 4 Speakers, & Subwoofer
  • Blue-Ray DVD Player
  • OTA Antenna


Add-Ons from the Dealer
  • MaxxAir Vent Covers
  • BlueOx Sway Pro Hitch
  • Awning Package with Curbside Power Awning and Manual Roadside & Rear Awning


AM Solar (Springfield, Oregon) Lithium Battery & Solar System Installation

August 2019 | $9,000 in Upgrades

  • Four 100w Solar Panels with Rocker Mounts
  • Two 100Ah Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries w/ 10yr Warranty
  • Victron Battery Monitor System
  • Lithium Compatible Charger Upgrade


Ultimate Airstreams (Clackamas, Oregon) Modifications

September 2019 | $16,500 in Modifications

  • Replaced dinette with couch featuring two large drawers underneath and cupholders in the arms.
  • Added two 100v/USB popup outlets at shelf behind couch – one that works on shore power; one that works on inverter.
  • Replaced side bench with desk with butcher block countertop, drawer, and pullout garbage can.
  • Added one 110v/USB outlet below desk.

October 2021 | $10,000 in Modifications

  • Replaced round sink/cabinet bump out in kitchen with straight cabinet.
  • Installed new kitchen Corian countertop.
  • Installed new square sink with flush Corian sink cover.
  • Replaced factory-installed Atwood propane stove/oven with Furrion model.


Other Upgrades/Modifications
  • New Mattresses – Spring 2021
  • New Goodyear Endurance Tires – April 2019
  • WeBoost Cell Booster
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Froli Sleep System
  • New Curtains in Living Area


Other Included Items

Interior: Beddy’s bedding set for each bed; Desk chair; Dishes; Silverware, knives, & other kitchen utensils.

Exterior: 30amp power cord; Progressive Industries 30amp EMS surge protector; Proven Industries hitch lock; Tire pressure monitoring system; Wheel chocks; Lynx levelers; Miscellaneous hoses, tools, and replacement parts.

All user manuals are also included.


Any maintenance issues that needed to be addressed were taken of while it was at Ultimate Airstreams in October 2021.
For more information, please contact us through this blog’s contact page.