Valles RV Park – Mexican Hat, UT

Valles RV Park

US 163, Mexican Hat, UT 84531

  • Full Hookups
  • Restrooms with Showers
  • Laundry
  • Store w/ Restaurant

There have been very few places that we’ve felt uncomfortable leaving the Airstream to go out exploring. This is one of the few. Possibly because no one else was staying in the ‘RV Park’ the same time as us. Possibly because there were rows of vehicles parked just 30 yards from us that didn’t seem to belong to anybody in the vicinity. Possibly because the owner is a tad creepy and his father (they both live above the office/store/restaurant) was apparently watching our every move – he didn’t like the way we parked in our spot and called down to his son to let him know. Whatever the reason, even though we paid for two nights, we decided to bug out early after just one night. We also learned the lesson to pay day by day at places that allow it; places like this that don’t take reservations or even write your name down – just take your money.

There are 11 or 12 sites with full hookups. See the random rows of vehicles parked behind us? Yeah, that was a little weird.
This building houses the office, restaurant, restrooms, laundry and the owner’s apartment.

Why would we have chosen to stay at a place like this, you might ask? We needed a place along our route (there wasn’t much to pick from) and this place actually had a few decent reviews on Campendium. RV park reviews are so incredibly subjective and it can be difficult at times to glean the important facts.

Regardless of where you stay, this part of the country is incredibly beautiful, which is why we wanted to visit. Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods made for some fantastic views during our drive.

The infamous Forrest Gump Point — watch for people in the middle of the road!
“Forrest Gump ended his cross-country run at this spot (1980)”
A very over exposed pic of Mexican Hat Rock. We drove past it as the sun was rising when we ducked out of Mexican Hat early. There was an Airstream boondocking right next to it — they had the right idea!

3 thoughts on “Valles RV Park – Mexican Hat, UT

  • Joe and I stayed at a couple of places that had us a little worried too. Mostly Passport America very low rent places. Since I have traveled alone, I have stayed at two that were a little worrisome. The one in Missouri (PPA park also) I was the only one there beside the river. Beautiful site. Great for walking cats. But the owner’s son came down to collect the cash ($15) near dark and I felt uncomfortable opening the door to give it to him. Then about midnight I was wakened by a loud truck pulling in — to a site that was on my blind side. I could see its headlights but not the truck and it was not far from me. I brought my baseball bat to bed with me. The next morning I watched a large FedEx truck pull out. Strange. The others were mostly because so many of the rigs and more permanent structures were so run down. Some turned out to have nice people and some no people at all before we left in the morning. We learned early on to only pay day by day when staying at PPA places.

    • It’s always a little creepy when you’re the only person there. We’ve had that a couple of times, and it just doesn’t feel right.

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