Choosing Airstream Features

Choosing the layout, decor, and features for our Airstream was a little stressful. We’ve never spent a night in an Airstream, so we’re going into the Streamin’ life as newbies and aren’t quite sure what our needs or wants will be.

After looking at a few different trailers, we decided fairly easily on the layout we wanted. We chose the 27 length (which is actually 28 feet) because we didn’t want the trailer to be too long that we’d have difficulty towing or parking it, but wanted to make sure we had plenty of space. We knew we wanted the twin beds vs the queen bed after seeing how much room the twin beds give you, as well as more sleeping surface per person. We were debating between a Flying Cloud and an International, mostly because of the price, but opted for the International as the interior finishes are nicer and more our style. The rest of the decor features, such as a Signature vs a Serenity and the color package, were basically decided for us when we found a 2017 International Signature 27FB with twin beds in Ebony Oyster Ultraleather Décor at the dealership. To be honest, if we had had a choice, we would have chosen the Signature over the Serenity and the Ebony Oyster over the other two color options any way. We’re extremely happy we got the exact trailer we were looking for.

The exterior of the International 27FB.
The floor plan for the International 27FB with twin beds.
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.46.37 PM
Looking towards the rear of the trailer at the 42″ x 97″ dinette/bed, 66″ lounge/bed, and galley.
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.06.45 PM
Looking towards the front of the trailer at the 34″ x 78″ twin beds.

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Just as when you purchase a vehicle, there are many optional features that can be added to an Airstream trailer. Our trailer already had the optional powered (as opposed to manual) awning installed, as well as the rear and roadside window awnings. The trailers are pre-wired for solar panels and we knew this was a must for us because we would be living and working in the trailer and needed all of the power we could get. We opted for the 200w Flex solar package. We also chose to have a Blue Ox SwayPro hitch installed in order to distribute the weight of the trailer better as well as help control sway while towing. The third option we chose was to have Maxxair vent covers installed on each ceiling vent. These vent covers allow for the vents to remain open at all times circulating air, including while towing and when it’s raining. One thing we did not opt for at this time was the rear view monitoring system (back-up camera). We were unsure if we needed this, but since the trailer is prewired for it, it can be installed at a future date if we deem it necessary. There are many more optional features available, but most are luxuries that are a little ridiculous, like a dishwasher.

UPDATE 4/19/21: In hindsight, we should not have gotten the Flex solar package from the dealer. The flex panels are known to have a short lifespan, but we did not know that at the time. Also, if you’re going to spend the money to invest in solar panels, the batteries should be upgraded as well. We should have saved the money and used it to put towards our future solar/battery upgrade that we had done at AM Solar. You can read about that here.

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